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Capital Campaign

As a way to provide CSP with long term financial sustainability and to strengthen CSP’s ability to support our members in the legislative and legal systems, the CSP Board of Directors has commissioned a 12-month Capital Campaign. 


The CSP Capital Campaign seeks to raise $200,000 over twelve months - $100,000 toward CSP’s general fund reserves and $100,000 toward CSP’s Legal Defense Fund.  The general fund reserves will provide CSP with a reserve of six months of operating capital, a best practice recommended by non-profit accounting and governance practices.  The Legal Defense Fund will replenish funds spent in a recent lawsuit on behalf of CSP members seeking relief against non-payment of services, and will build reserves for future endeavors.


Both of these funds will be treated as restricted funds and can only be accessed with a 2/3 majority vote of the CSP Board of Directors.


While we build these reserves through direct contributions from individual members, practice groups and our corporate partners, the CSP Board of Directors is working with staff to develop organizational structure ensuring oversight of CSP finances and fulfillment of CSP objectives in member engagement and operational performance.


The CSP Capital Campaign Task Force is being led by former CSP President Al Lui, MD and Michael Ferrie of  Coronis Health and is overseen by the CSP Executive Committee, chaired by CSP President, Emily Green, MD.


For more information, please contact CSP Executive Director Dave Butler at

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