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CSP Annual Dues

Regular Members:$295.00

Resident Members:No charge

Corresponding Members:$125.00

Retired Members:$50.00 per year, or $250.00 one time fee

Note: Dues are subject to change upon approval by the membership.

Upon notification of acceptance you are automatically entitled to all of the services of the society, including, but not limited to the following:

  • PERSONAL ASSISTANCE by correspondence with committee representatives in the    area of your needs.

  • A SOCIETY BULLETIN published quarterly to keep you abreast of legislative activities,    upcoming events, and issues involving the specialty of pathology.

Special Note: Applications received after October 1 will be billed 125% (25% prorated dues for the remainder of the current year and 100% for the following year).

Group Billing: Contact Jacob Gray in Membership Services at, or call (916) 446-6001 ext. 137 to ask about a discounted rate for 100% Group Membership

Image by National Cancer Institute
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