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CSP Committees

Organizational Structure

CSA leadership has established several committees to allow volunteer leadership the ability to more effectively direct, oversee and implement the work of the association in partnership with staff.  If you have interest in joining a committee, please contact Dave Butler, CSP Executive Director at

Executive Committee

Meets monthly

Purpose:  To oversee the work of the association in between quarterly board meetings and take action on behalf of the board of necessary.

Composition: Dr. Green (Chair), President; Dr. Larson, President elect; Dr. Yong, Secretary/Treasurer, Dr. Harris, Past President

Staff:  Dave Butler, CSP Executive Director

Finance Committee

Meets monthly

Purpose:  To oversee the financial performance of the association including Statement of Financial Position, YTD Financial Reports (P/L), Accounts Payable and other information as required.

Composition:  Dr. Larson, President Elect (Chair), Secretary/Treasurer, Dr. Aron, Education Committee Chair; Dr. Terrazos; others as appointed by the President.

Staff:  Dave Butler, CSP Executive Director, Theresa Lindroos, Finance Manager

Education Committee

Meets quarterly, at Annual Meeting, and as needed

Purpose:  To advise, develop, approve and implement the educational program/content for CSP’s Annual Meeting; Provide recommendations for program format to enhance value and engagement of attendees and corporate partners; advise on other CSP educational content as required/needed.

Composition: Dr. Aron (Chair)

Staff:  Felicia Price, Event Manager; Dena Silva, CME Manager

Membership Committee

Meets quarterly and as needed

Purpose:  Oversee membership revenue and numbers; Develop and implement strategies to enhance member value and increase membership numbers and revenue; Advise and direct strategies to enhance member communications.

Composition:  Dr. Yong, Secretary/Treasurer (Chair); Alfred Lui, Steven Long, Luke Perchoka, Maryam Pezhouh

Staff:  Dave Butler, CSP Executive Director; Jacob Gray, Membership Manager; Jonathan Flom, Communications Manager

Advocacy and Practice Management Committee

Meets quarterly and as needed

Purpose: To review and recommend positions on state legislation and regulatory issues, provide feedback and direction to CSP lobbyist and staff.

Composition:  Dr. Deucher (Chair), Dr. Wixom, Vice Chair for Practice Management

Staff:  Ryan Spencer, RGS Advocacy, Dave Butler, CSP Executive Director

Corporate Partners Committee

Meets quarterly

Purpose:  Advise CSP leadership and staff concerning Annual Meeting educational content and attendee/corporate partner experience; Advise CSP leadership and staff on other educational/visibility platforms, including web page advertising, webinars, pathology leadership focus groups and more; Assist CSP leadership and staff in achieving organizational objectives including membership recruitment/retention, annual meeting attendance and corporate support, and more.

Composition:  Dr. Harris, Past President (Chair), Chad Scribner, Coronis (Vice Chair); Dr. Al Lui, Dr. Mike Dugan, Dr. Steven Long, Gerrick Gonzalez, APS Medical Billing; Amy Jones, Hologic; Ann Lambrix, Lighthouse Labs; Rose Marie Zarrillo, Merck; Ty Varing, NeoGenomics Laboratories, Inc.; Stephen Spinella, Novopath; Jamie Overmyer, Roche Diagnostics

Staff:  Dave Butler, CSP Executive Director

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